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Pray for President Trump's choice
for U.S. Supreme Court!
Ask pro-life President Donald Trump 
to NOT pick Neil Gorsuch or William Pryor!
Email President Trump this message:
"Thank you for your pro-life stand!  Please nominate
a pro-life Justice with a PROVEN track record,
like Charles Canady, Jennifer Elrod, Edith Jones,
Ted Cruz or Mike Lee.
Would a "Scalia-like" judge attend an ultra-liberal, 
pro-abortion, pro-LGBT church?
Would you bet millions of unborn lives on it?
Also: Judge Neil Gorsuch refused to protect a 20-week unborn baby in a wrongful death case. He called the baby "pre-viable." Does that sound like Scalia?
Pray, post and share!
Author: JP   20170127   Category: SupremeCourt  Status: on


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