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Speaker Cliff Rosenberger:
Call him:  Thank him, then ask him to call back his members to override Kasish's heartless veto of the Heartbeat Bill. 
Rather than 
tell Kasich how you feel, SHOW him! 
1. Our First Call:  
Thank Speaker Cliff Rosenberger for getting the Heartbeat Bill passed!  Then, ask him to override Kasich's veto of the Heartbeat Bill by bringing it to a vote in the House. 
Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (614) 466-3506
2. Next:
We only need to switch two votes to override Kasich's veto.  Call these five Reps. and ask them to vote to protect babies with beating hearts by overriding Gov. Kasich's veto of the Heartbeat Bill (also use the talking points below).
  1.  Steven Arndt 614-644-6011
  2. Theresa Gavarone 614-466-8104
  3. Ann Gonzales  614-466-4847
  4. Cheryl Grossman 614-466-9690
  5. Stephanie Kunze 614-466-8012 
3. Then:
 Call all the Republicans listed HERE and ask them:
"Come back to override Kasich's heartless veto of the Heartbeat Bill.  Give 20,000 babies the best Christmas present--the gift of life."
Talking Points to
Override Kasich's Heartless Veto of the Heartbeat Bill:
  1. COST?  It won't cost the taxpayers a dime as Liberty Counsel will defend it for free.
  2. UNCONSTITUTIONAL? The Constitutionality is a question for the Courts to decide--that's why we have courts!  It makes no sense to kill a bill because we fear the courts might kill it.  (That's like killing someone because they might die!)
  3. HURT OTHER PRO-LIFE LAWS?  The bill specifically spells out that this law will not affect any other pro-life law on the books: (Lines 341-344) "It is furthermore the intent of the general assembly that the provisions of this section ...are not to have the effect of repealing or limiting any other laws of this state."
  4. OHIO RIGHT TO LIFE DOESN'T LIKE IT?  Ohio Right to Life has been completely discredited by calling for a veto of the most protective pro-life bill in the nation. It's the reason why Ohio Right to Life Founder Dr. Jack Willke resigned from the board and why Right to Life chapters and members left in droves. 
  5. NO RAPE/INCEST EXCEPTION:  While we believe all human life is worthy of protection no matter the circumstances of conception, this bill protects only from the point of detectable heartbeat.
Little Bella, who came to the House Committee, was conceived through rape.  She is worthy of legal protection the same as any of us.
That means a woman who is raped (or anyone else) can still obtain an abortion prior to detectable heartbeat.  When the House committee met little Bella, a six-year-old beautiful little girl who--through no fault of her own--was conceived by rape, they voted down the rape/incest amendment which would have killed little girls (and boys) like her.  She brought her little doll (pictured above) to every hearing and won the hearts of those who voted to protect children like her from the time their heartbeats can be heard.
Of note: It is in the best interests of a woman to be treated directly following a rape--to prevent conception from taking place, but also to be treated for sexually transmitted diseases and to gather the forensic evidence so that the rapist can be caught before he assaults anyone else.  The Heartbeat Bill would not prevent that in any way.  
Then report back what you are hearing at: 
Ask Ohio Right to Life for your donation back, and give to the group fighting to 
END ABORTION: Faith2Action! 
 Please help us with a tax-deductible year-end gift so we can keep fighting for life! 
Pictured above are the baby clothes of the children the Heartbeat Bill will save every day once we cast the vote to override the heartless veto of the heartbeat Bill.
It's time to Appeal to Heaven again!  
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