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Kennedy may be retiring ...

If it's true, let's get Heartbeat Bills in the pipeline to the Supreme Court!
Several credible news sources are reporting that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy may be retiring this June!
US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, front row, second from left, may be retiring!
Kennedy, the swing vote on abortion, is 81 years old, so this could be more than a rumor. And we must be prepared!
Pro-life legal experts believe the Heartbeat Bill is our best bet to challenge Roe v. Wade, so we need to pass the Ohio, Iowa and federal versions ASAP!
While the Iowa House of Representatives is hearing their Senate-passed Heartbeat bill TODAY in committee, Speaker of the Ohio House Cliff Rosenberger has still refused to allow a floor vote on HB 258, the Ohio Heartbeat Bill.
The most important step you can take right now is to call Speaker Rosenberger at 614-466-3506 to urge him to bring the Ohio Heartbeat Bill to a floor vote now!
Ask Speaker Rosenberger to allow a floor vote on the pro-life Heartbeat Bill,House Bill 258.  Leave a message now, day or night. If you're from Ohio, please include your name and county.
Speaker Rosenberger 614-466-3506 
Please post, share & forward across Ohio.  The more calls, the better chance the Speaker will give us a floor vote.  And please pray!


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