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Vote is coming

Congress really can pass the Heartbeat Bill THIS MONTH!
IT CAN HAPPEN!  You can help. 


The bill which won't prevent a single abortion, or the one which will prevent nearly all of them?
Congress is going to pass a pro-life bill before the March for Life on January 19th.  House Majority Leader McCarthy announced today that he plans to pass the bill that won't prevent a single abortion--the Born Alive Abortion Survivor's Protection act, (which adds penalties to a 2002 Law signed by President Bush). Merely protecting children who are born alive following an attempt to kill them is woefully inadequate.
We need them to pass the Heartbeat Bill--which will PROVIDE REAL PROTECTION for every child whose heartbeat can be heard
 (nearly every child facing abortion).
How can you help?  It's never been easier.  You can reach the seven most important people who can call for a Heartbeat vote by simply clicking the fax machine pictured.  
This is so important, Faith2Action will PAY the cost to send your faxes.  So there is no reason not to click the fax icon, and in less than :30 seconds, you can send 7 FREE faxes to reach: Speaker Ryan, Majority Leader McCarthy, Majority Whip Scalise, Judiciary Chairman Goodlatte, Congressman Chris Smith (who still has not co-sponsored the bill), as well as the President and Vice President.  Why faxes?  Because unlike letters, faxes are delivered directly to their desk!
ONE CLICK SENDS 7 FREE FAXES to the people who can call for a Heartbeat Bill vote by January 19th.  This will be the most protective bill to ever pass in Congress and you can help by clicking the Fax icon to your left!  
Then call your Representative and these key three and ask them to: "The Born Alive Abortion Survivor's bill won't prevent a SINGLE abortion!  Pass the Heartbeat Bill, HR 490, to protect every child whose heartbeat can be heard, by the March for Life on January 19th!"
Speaker Paul Ryan202-225-0600
Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy202-225-2915
Majority Whip Steve Scalise:  202-225-0197
(You'll remember Rep. Scalise was severely wounded in the D.C. shooting, so let him know that you're still praying for him, and are so glad he's back and can help save the lives of nearly a million children a year!)
Then please share the link (above) on FaceBook and social media!  Also the link to send faxes: HERE.  Maybe even boost your post so those who want to do MORE than march about abortion can play a part in actually ENDING it for every child whose heartbeat can be heard!  
You can also post the video above directly with this link 
We need hundreds--make that thousands--of faxes to start hitting their desks right now! 
So don't wait!   
Decisions about which bill to vote on are being made right now!

Please help us pay for all these faxes! 
After 45 years and 60 million dead, we must do more than regulate abortion and march about it. We need to END it.  NOW.  The Born Alive Abortion Survivor's Bill won't prevent a SINGLE abortion, while the Heartbeat Bill will END abortion for every child whose heartbeat can be heard--and be the most protective bill to ever pass in Congress--AND YOU CAN PLAY A KEY ROLE IN PASSING IT IN LESS THAN :30 SECONDS!
The Born Alive Abortion Survivor's Bill, which protects babies who survive an abortionist's attempt to kill them, is like passing a law that says if your attempted murder isn't successful and your victim happens to survive, then they should be medically treated for their non-fatal stab wound, gun shot, poison etc.  We have homicide laws that prevent murder, just not for the children in the womb.  For 45 years, Congress has refused to pass REAL PROTECTION for unborn babies.  That must change NOW
It will take an ALL OUT effort on our part to change their plans, but it CAN be done!  Once you've sent your faxes, and posted the links, FAST AND PRAY for passage of the Heartbeat Bill!
Janet Porter
President, Faith2Action
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