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What's better than regulating abortion? 
Watch this one-minute video to find out:
If you want to END abortion, 
help the ones working to do it.
Our team will be working to in Columbus today, and in Washington all next week to END abortion.  We desperately need your financial help.
Please help us END abortion NOW.

There's nothing better than hearing the phones ring about our bill while we walk the halls to pass it!  Please call these Ohio Reps. who have not yet co-sponsored the Heartbeat Bill: 
Keith Faber: 614-466-6344 (Former Senate President)
Darrell Kick: 614-466-2994
Marilyn Slaby: 614-644-5085
Jeff Rezabek: 614-466-2960
Kirk Schuring: 614-752-2438
Rick Perales: 614-644-6020
Terry Johnson: 614-466-2124
Jim Hughes 614-466-8012
Nathan Manning: 614-644-5076
Jay Edwards 614-466-2158
Anthony DeVitis: 614-466-1790
Timothy Ginter 614-466-8022
Please email me to let me know what their office told you when you called at:  Why haven't they co-sponsored the Heartbeat Bill yet?
We are getting ready to deliver thousands of Heartbeat Cards to Congress. Have you ordered yours yet from  Please do it today!
Heartfelt thanks,  
P.S. We really do need your financial help.  Thank you for whatever you can give!
Here's what's happening on the federal Heartbeat Bill...
Congressman Steve King (R, Iowa) from U.S. House Floor: 
On Thursday, February 16, 2017:  Congressman Steve King released the stunning Barna poll results on the U.S. House Floor which reveal that seven 
out of ten in America support HR 490, the federal Heartbeat Bill, to protect every child whose heartbeat can be heard.
KEEP HEARTS BEATING!  More than 75,000 Heartbeat cards (so far) will be mailed to Congress to encourage their support of the pro-life Heartbeat Bill (H.R. 490). 
Send an individualized colorful card to the Judiciary Committee or to every member of Congress--through the U.S. MAIL--to jump-start the federal Heartbeat Bill with the click of a button! All for less than the price of postage!  
The stunning poll results and Washington Times article (below) will be hand delivered to each member of Congress today, asking them to co-sponsor H.R. 490, the federal Heartbeat Bill. Special thanks to Larry Cirignano, Lauren Handy, and a team of dedicated volunteers who are walking the halls of Congress with prayer and the incredible news:
America wants the Heartbeat Bill!
All 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives will have these stunning poll results hand delivered to them today! 
Finally. There's a bill that's captured the pulse of America: H.R. 490, the
Heartbeat Bill.
It's a bill that evenly applies the medical measurement of life all the way to the womb. Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican, summarizes his bill very simply: "If a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected." And seven out of 10 people in America agree with him, according to a national Barna Group poll, most of them "strongly."
Sponsor Mr. King and prime co-sponsors, Republican Reps. Trent Franks of Arizona and Louie Gohmert of Texas, are standing on the line in the sand that's already been drawn - if there's a heartbeat, there's life.
It's the reason you've never been to the funeral of someone with a heartbeat.
The Heartbeat Bill makes so much sense, and the Barna poll found that such sense is actually "common." The majority of America strongly agrees with the premise of the Heartbeat Bill: "If a doctor is able to detect the heartbeat of an unborn baby, that unborn baby should be legally protected." Eighty-six percent of Republicans agree. Six out of 10 Independents agree. And, are you sitting down? A majority of Democrats - 55 percent - support the Heartbeat Bill.
Like an SOS, the child in the womb is sending a signal we can no longer ignore.  To deny it is to deny science.  READ MORE
UPDATED 3-28-17:
Please ask these U.S. House Judiciary Committee Members to 
Co-sponsor the Heartbeat Bill:
1.   Chairman Bob Goodlatte (VA)  (202) 225-5431
2.   Andy Biggs(AZ)  (202) 225-2635     
3.   Mike Bishop (MI)  (202) 225-4872
4.   Ken Buck (CO)  (202) 225-4676
5.   Jim Jordan (OH)  (202) 225-2676
6.   Steve Chabot  (OH)  (202) 225-2216
7.   Jason Chaffetz (UT)  (202) 225-7751
8.   Doug Collins (GA) (202) 225-9893
9.   Ron DeSantis (FL) (202) 225-2706
10. Blake Farenthold (TX) (202) 225-7742
11. Matt Gaetz (FL) (202) 225-4136
12. Trey Gowdy (SC)  (202) 225-6030
13. Darrell Issa (CA)  (202) 225-3906
14. Mike Johnson (LA)  (202) 225-2777
15. Jim Sensenbrenner, Jr. (WI)  (202) 225-5101
16. Raul Labrador (ID)  (202) 225-6611  
17. Tom Marino (PA)  (202) 225-3731
18. Ted Poe (TX) (202) 225-6565
19. John Ratcliff (TX) (202) 225-6673
20. Martha Roby (AL) (202) 225-2901
21.  Lamar Smith (TX) (202) 225-4236
Send your cards to Congress!
Heartbeat Bill  Press Conference Highlights
Heartbeat Bill
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