An Appeal to Heaven
An Appeal to Heaven
An Appeal to Heaven
An Appeal to Heaven
An Appeal to Heaven

Operation Persistent Widow

Join me for the latest strategy to END abortion & defend liberty!

Operation Persistent Widow
Operation Persistent Widow

Operation Persistent Widow
Operation Persistent Widow
Operation Persistent Widow
Download the App and Start Saving Lives!

Summer Recess:

Time to Turn up the Heat!

Operation Persistent Widow
Operation Persistent Widow

Heartbeat Goes High Tech!

Operation Persistent Widow
Download the App and Start Saving Lives!

Operation Persistent Widow


We just got another Discharge Signer!

Making your calls just got easier--now you can download the new phone app--that dials the reps for you with a touch of their name! This phone app will provide you instant, mobile access to the current phone list of members of Ohio congress who still need to be urged to sign the discharge petition that will advance the Heartbeat Bill to the floor for a vote. You will be able to dial right from the app, get updates on the progress of our initiative, schedule times to make calls and much more.
Operation Persistent Widow

Operation Persistent Widow

Operation Persistent WidowOperation Persistent WidowOperation Persistent WidowOperation Persistent Widow


Operation Persistent Widow
Operation Persistent WidowOperation Persistent Widow

Incredible Heartbeat News--This is DOABLE!

Operation Persistent WidowOperation Persistent WidowOperation Persistent Widow


If Ohio Senate President Keith Faber calls for a floor vote of the Heartbeat Bill: the House and Governor will follow and 26,000 lives will be saved each year.
Ask President Keith Faber to choose life and bring the Heartbeat Bill to a floor vote now!

Senate President
Keith Faber:


While the Senate is famous for bragging about REGULATING abortion, we elected these "pro-lifers" to END abortion. Let President Faber know we are tired of excuses and needless delays. He can STOP the killing right now, and we expect him to do it.
The Heartbeat Bill, which will legally protect babies in the womb whose beating hearts can be heard, has passed in Arkansas and North Dakota and has been introduced in a dozen states.
But it's been sitting in the Ohio Senate for four years. Let Senator Faber know: It's time to bring it to a vote!

Good News & Heartbeat Action Needed

Good news: Senators Kris Jordan and Tim Schaffer introduced the Heartbeat Bill in the Ohio Senate!
The bill now needs to be referred to committee for hearings
The person with the power do that is Senate President Keith Faber.

ACTION: Call President Faber and ask him to Refer the Heartbeat Bill to committee for hearings and a floor vote: (614) 466-7584

Breakthrough in the Ohio Senate!

the Heartbeat Bill for a Floor vote!

Unfortunately, Rep. Wachtmann cancelled committee hearings on the Heartbeat Bill. Now we need the bill to be DISCHARGED to force it to the House floor for a vote.
Please ask the following State Reps to: "Circulate a Discharge Petition to bring the Heartbeat Bill to an immediate floor vote!"
  1.  Rep. John Adams (614) 466-1507
  2.  Matt Huffman (614) 466-9624
  3.  Rep. Christina Hagan (614) 466-9078
  4.  Rep. Ron Hood (614) 466-1464
  5.  Rep. Matt Lynch (614) 644-5088
  6.  Rep. Ron Maag (614) 644-6023
  7.  Rep. Kristina Roeger 614) 466-1177
  8.  Rep. John Becker (614) 466-8134
We need a Heartbeat Bill Vote and we need it NOW!

If you get voicemail, leave a message, day or night.


Please post this on Facebook, Twitter & e-mail it to all your pro-life friends. We have movement, but your calls and prayers will build the momentum.


The inside word from the Ohio Statehouse is:
What we're doing is "having the desired effect."

Make Sure: "If the heartbeat's detected, the baby's protected"

We are on the Brink of Breakthrough!

If we keep it up, we will see breakthrough soon! Here are the key calls to make today. Please call (even after hours) and leave a message to "Please vote to pass the Heartbeat Bill (H.B. 248) in committee!"

Let's Ring Their Phones
All Week!

Please Call:

1. Speaker Bill Batchelder (614) 466-8140
Ask to: "Allow a Heartbeat Bill FLOOR VOTE!"
2. Senator Kris Jordan (614) 466-8086
Ask to "Introduce the Heartbeat Bill in the Senate!"
Click HERE to send a free postcard (below) to Speaker Batchelder
-better yet, send one to EVERY Republican Leader!
4000 of these postcards were delivered from you.

Click HERE to send yours - Better yet, for a small donation to cover printing and postage,
send postcards to ALL the Republican obstructionists!
Thousands and thousands of these postcards have been sent to Senate Republican districts! "If you want us to trust you in the NEXT election...Do what you promised in the LAST one!"

We will not stop fighting until the killing does.


Turn the Heat Up!

We first introduced the Ohio Heartbeat Bill in February 2011. This month marks the fourth year of waiting to protect babies whose heartbeats can be heard. The time for waiting is over, the time for ACTION is here.


Help turn up the heat with a direct reminder of what we elected these legislators to do. The message "The time for broken promises and political games is over. Bring the Heartbeat Bill to a vote or you can forget about getting ours."


We need to send Ohio's State Reps and our State Senators an avalanche of "Postcards!"


Click HERE to send your free postcard, better yet, send one to EVERY Republican Leader!

Be encouraged by these short video clips from the Southwest Ohio Christian Tea Party meeting below:

Clips from Feb. 1st Southwest Ohio Christian Tea Party
Click HERE to send THIS free postcard to Speaker Batchelder:
Click HERE to send your free postcard, better yet, for a small donation to cover the printing and postage, send postcards to ALL the
Republican obstructionists!
Your postcards will get the legislators' attention! Your donation will help us turn the heat up even more and help make this the year we actually protect babies with beating hearts!

Whatever it Takes
to Stop the Killing


We've been talking about ending abortion for 41 years, but THIS is the year we do whatever it takes to bring the killing to an end.



Thousands of these postcards were delivered in
Ohio Senate Districts across the State.

With your help, MANY more mailings will be sent!

Also on the postcard is the message to tell the Senators: "If you want us to trust you in the NEXT election...Do what you promised in the LAST one!"
Thousands of "Broken Heart" postcards are also being delivered to the Statehouse this week. With the click of a button, you can help us send thousands more!
Click HERE to send THIS free postcard to Speaker Batchelder:
TAKE ACTION: We will print and personalize a postcard from you to Speaker Bill Batchelder, and we'll mail it for FREE. Postcard says: "The time for broken promises and political games is over. Bring the Heartbeat Bill to a vote or you can forget about getting ours."
Click HERE to send your free postcard, better yet, for a donation to cover the printing and postage, send postcards to ALL the Republican obstructionists!

Forty-one years is long enough. Join us to make THIS the year the killing stops!


It's Time to Do More than Talk About Ending Abortion!


We've been waiting 41 years to protect unborn babies and four years to bring the Ohio Heartbeat Bill to a vote. It's time for Ohio's Republican Legislators to follow the lead of Arkansas and North Dakota and pass the pro-life Heartbeat Bill (H.B. 248)!

TAKE ACTION: Send Speaker Bill Batchelder a strong message sure to get his attention. We will print it, personalize it for you, and mail it for free

Ohio Heartbeat Bill


The Ducks Have Landed


Thanks to you, 4,233 personalized camouflage post cards were mailed to A&E, stating, "You can't camouflage anti-christian bigotry!"


Nearly 2,000 personalized rubber ducks also took flight to A&E.

The Ducks Have Landed
Ducks Sent From All Walks Of Life

In addition, Cracker Barrel also backed down from removing Duck Dynasty products from their shelves.

And Twitter apologized for blocking the hashtag #istandwithphil.

This is the greatest victory for freedom since Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day and is a hopeful sign of awakening.


Personalized Ducks Ready for Take-off

The Ducks Have Landed
The Ducks Have Landed
Some of the ducks taking flight from the Post Office to A&E

Thank You For Standing With Us!

Click Here to read a CNS article discussing the significance of this historic victory.


VICTORY! Because of Your Stand, Phil Roberston has been Reinstated on Duck Dynasty

Rubber Ducks Sent to A&E Network
Apologize to Phil Robertson

Please help us continue to stand against anti-Judeo Christian bigotry. Your donation will help us edit more than 70 interviews on how to Overcome Criminalization of Christianity!

(See The Video Trailers Below)

Dobson, Perkins, Barton, Ham in Brand New Trailer


The editing has begun! If you would like to help get this message out to the church, please join the team of producers with a donation of any amount!



What did the Supreme Court say? What can we do? Hear from the experts and put your Faith to Action!



This Was Delivered to the Senate in November

Send Fax for Action on the IRS & NSA


Hours after posting this four and a half minute video, YouTube posted the message: "Your video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech." We moved the video over to Vimeo and it did not take long for them to censor it as well.


Faith2Action President Janet Porter issued the following statement to the Press: "The censorship by both YouTube and Vimeo has made the point of the film we're now producing--the homosexual movement seeks to silence all those who disagree," stated Porter.


Gary Glenn, Director of the American Family Association of Michigan, explained in the video: "Oxford University's International Journal of Epidemiology says for college age men who engage in homosexual behavior, they risk losing 8-20 years of their life.  That's up to three times more years of life put at risk by engaging in homosexual behavior as smoking tobacco."


"While censoring scientific evidence as 'hate speech,' YouTube and Vimeo have no problem hosting hundreds of videos that berate, insult, and vilify Christians," stated Porter. "YouTube and Vimeo postings which do not violate their 'hate speech' regulations include calling Christians every profane and insulting word imaginable--and videos entitled, 'I Hate Christians'.  YouTube and Vimeo have NO PROBLEM with that,'" she added.


Porter warned of this threat in her book, The Criminalization of Christianity, published in 2005.  She also initiated the pro-life Heartbeat Bill, now the nation's most protective laws in Arkansas and North Dakota.



Despite what we've been hearing for months, the battle for marriage isn't about "equality."  It's about the freedom.  Not the freedom to marry, which already exists.  Everyone in America is free to marry.  What we oppose is changing the definition of marriage.  Take a look at the video below to find out why and to get a glimpse of what happens if the battle for marriage is lost:


On March 26th, North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple signed into law a bill that would protect unborn children with beating hearts from as early as six weeks after conception. It is scheduled to go into effect in August. North Dakota joins Arkansas as the two states in which heartbeat legislation has become law. In Arkansas, after an initial loss in 2011, State Senator Jason Rapert successfully led the charge to pass the nation's first Heartbeat Law!  

Despite the veto of Governor Mike Beebe, who claimed the bill was "unconstitutional," the Arkansas Senate voted 20-14 on Tuesday, March 5, and the House voted 56-33 on Wednesday, March 6, in favor of overriding his veto.


Be encouraged and inspired as you find out how the Arkansas Heartbeat Bill became law in the video below!


It gets better:  On Friday, March 15th, North Dakota passed a Heartbeat bill through their Senate and is sending it to their Governor for his signature!


Heartbeat Bills are also pending in Mississippi, Kentucky, and Wyoming, and soon to be introduced in Michigan and re-introduced in Ohio!  The wildfire has begun!


Last November voters in Maine, Maryland, and Washington voted for same-sex “marriage” which not only re-defines marriage, but will re-define how children are taught and how businesses and churches can legally operate.  

What's at stake?  Obama-appointed Commissioner to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Chai Feldblum said it best.  When asked about the rights of Christians to hire employees of their choice, her answer was simple:   "Gays win, Christians lose."


In addition, the Supreme Court is expected to hand down a decision on the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8 pro-marriage vote, by June of this year--critical decisions for the future of marriage and our freedoms.


You can see a snapshot of where we are in the marriage battle across the country in the map below.  But just because your state may be a dark blue, constitutionally-protected marriage state does not mean you're safe.  Signatures are now being gathered to put homosexual "marriage" on the ballot in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania--despite the voters' clear decision to protect marriage in their state constitution as the union of one man and one woman.

National Map
*Courtesy of: the National Conference of State Legislatures

But it's more than marriage.  When a state redefines marriage it affects everyone.  As we saw in Massachusetts, once marriage was redefined, the curriculum was changed to teach homosexual marriage as "normal" and "acceptable" beginning in kindergarten.  When Massachusetts parent, David Parker tried to remove his child out of class during this indoctrination, he was thrown in jail.  Businesses like Elane Photography in New Mexico have been fined thousands of dollars and are still battling in court for refusing to photograph "same-sex ceremonies" because of their Christian beliefs.


Intervarsity Christian Fellowship has been kicked off yet another campus, Rollins College in Orlando Florida, for refusing to put homosexual activists in leadership roles.  As I said in my book, if they can silence the truth, they will silence the Gospel.


In the last election pro-marriage advocates were outspent seven to one.  Millions are now being spent to attack marriage elsewhere.  What can be done to help?  There is a way you can impact the battle in every state by providing the tool for churches, pro-family groups, and the grassroots fighting for marriage:  A documentary film.   Faith2Action would like to produce a documentary film entitled The Criminalization of Christianity, the same title as Janet (Folger) Porter's book which was released by Multnomah in 2005.


Why make this film?  Why fight this battle?  Because the Criminalization of Christianity is what happens if we lose.    There are those who say it's too late for marriage...too late for America.  But, our nation began with an under-funded remnant devoted to GodWhat can happen if we make the case for marriage in time to save it?


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